Why Instagram Story Views Are Important For Better Reach?

It seems that just about every other day Instagram comes out with a new feature, making it tough to know which features are important for your reach and which ones are a waste of time. Out of the new features, easily the most important for your reach is the Instagram Story.

What exactly makes Instagram Story views so important, though? In other words, what makes them more unique than other features on the app? In this article, we are going to tell you just that. Read on to find out exactly why Instagram Story views are important for better reach.

What’s A Story?

Before jumping into why Instagram Story views are important for better reach, it’s important that you understand what a Story is. Many brands know about Instagram Stories, but they’ve never posted one themselves. If you’ve never used this feature before, it can be really confusing and scary to start using.

Instagram Stories are a feature that they modeled off of Snapchat. The Stories will be posted for 24 hours, but they will go away once that time is up. One thing that separates Instagram Stories from Snapchat, however, is that you can highlight your Stories, meaning that audiences can find them at a later point if you allow them to.

These Stories are unique because they create more opportunities to be fun and quirky while simultaneously creating excitement. Because Stories are limited by time, they create a psychological response that gets people excited to look at them.

Why Instagram Story Views Are Important For Better Reach?

Now that you know what a Story is, let’s look at the specific features of it that allow it to lead to better reach. These four features are by far the most impressive aspects of an Instagram Story views, but they certainly aren’t the only benefits.

1. Doesn’t Bombard Your Customers

Do you know that one friend from high school that constantly over shares and bombards social media with their personal life? The last thing you want is for your customers to feel that way about your account. There is a very fine line between staying relevant and being annoying.

The great part about Instagram Stories is that you don’t bombard your customers. In other words, you can post as much as you like without getting on anyone’s nerves. Customers that are interested can watch your Story, but uninterested customers don’t have to be bothered by your post.

2. Allows You To Have More Fun

Today, personality matters a lot in your brand. Given that the market is flooded from just about every corner, customers are looking for authentic and relatable experiences, not just shops. Stories give you the opportunity to have more fun with your brand without looking unprofessional.

It’s sort of an unspoken rule among social media that Stories are less serious and more fun. Since they go away in 24 hours, they give your company the opportunity to showcase fun, creative, and exciting days or ideas. Don’t be afraid to post company birthday parties, promotional content, or running jokes.

In addition to the fun content you’re more likely to post on your Story, Instagram Stories come with a number of really fun features. This includes background music, stickers, and boomerang features. All of these aspects create a catching and fun look that grabs attention.

Whenever you show your customers the more relatable side of your brand, they are more likely to buy from you. That’s because they associate an actual personality to your products. People would much rather buy from fun and quirky brand than suits behind a desk. Learn here how to become famous on social media with IG story views.

3. Creates An Interactive Experience

Back in the day, it was accepted that shopping wasn’t much of an interactive experience, especially not through marketing or ads. With social media, however, you can create an interactive experience while showcasing your products. This is a very important detail that has impacted the way customers view their shopping experience. They want to interact with their brands.

With the regular photo, interaction is relatively limited. People can like or comment on your photos, but they can’t interact with the community of your customers in the way that they can on a Story. On a Story, they can comment, participate in polls, vote, and do a number of other things to really interact with you.

Interacting your customers not only widens your reach, but it actually lands you repeat customers. When customers interact with you, they are more likely to come back at a later point. Just about any brand knows that repeat customers is where the real money is.

4. Drive Traffic Through Links

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate when people post pictures and say that you have to go to their profile for the link. It’s not that many extra steps, but a lot of people don’t want to do them in order to see a link, myself included.

Stories allow you to drive traffic through links. The links are embedded in the Story and all your users have to do is slide up. This makes it so much easier to get to whichever site you want to showcase.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Stories are essential for any social media marketing campaign today. They can allow you to broaden your reach by not disrupting your regular feed, allowing you to show your fun side, helping you to interact with your customers, and drive traffic through links.

The great part about the Stories is that they go away in 24 hours. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to start experimenting. Since it goes away in 24 hours, no harm no foul if you mess up. Start learning the basics and then take flight. Check here how to views stories without them knowing.