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Once you’ve made up your mind to buy Instagram story views, choosing the right service provider is what seems challenging to most people since there are multiple aspects that should be considered to make this purchase decision worthwhile. With Fameoninsta, you can buy real Instagram story views and get the popularity on this platform that you’ve always dreamed of!

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Why Should You Buy Instagram Story Views from Fameoninsta?

While looking for a reliable service provider to buy Instagram story views, it can be overwhelming for most users, especially people trying out this service for the first time, given the large number of service providers available in the market. Here’s how we’re different from our competitors:

Reputable Service Provider

While you're looking for a reliable service provider to get more Instagram engagement, Fameoninsta is here to provide the premium quality views you need to be a successful influencer on Instagram. With its exceptional track record and customer satisfaction guarantee, our platform is the choice of millions of rising stars who wish to see quick growth on Insta.

A One-Stop Solution for Instagram Services

Whether you're in search of the top Instagram story views services or require any other support to optimize your IG profile, Fameoninsta is a one-stop solution enabling you to get what you need to be a successful Instagrammer, be it likes, followers, or views. So, what are you waiting for? Simply select your desired service and enjoy the fame similar to that of your favorite Instagram influencers.

Guaranteed Privacy

We ensure guaranteed privacy and security of your account while you add real Instagram story views to your profile. There's no need to worry about any data breaches that might lead to your Insta account being compromised since our purchase and payment processes are fully encrypted so that you can boost your social media presence without worrying too much.

Top-Notch Customer Support Team

Our customer satisfaction and support team is something that differentiates us from the countless service providers operating in the market. With our services, you get lifetime support and extended coverage in terms of any advice required for boosting your story views and becoming an Instagram sensation.

Secure Payments

Ensuring secure payments and seamless transactions for our customers is something that we take very seriously and have special protocols for; with our services, you can easily make payments for your purchased number of story views to optimize your Insta game today! Amongst the top payment methods that you could use include debit & credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Instant Delivery

Fameoninsta remains on top of its delivery game so that you can buy story views on Instagram and boost your social media presence like never before. Most of the time, your purchased views will be visible on your stories when the payment process has been completed so that there's nothing keeping you behind from becoming a superstar in the world of Instagram.

Value-for-money Packages

The reasonable pricing of our services makes purchasing views easier than ever. Most importantly, each purchase through our website comes with a money-back guarantee, which not only ensures that your money is invested in the right place - but also ensures that it will help you reap the long-term benefits in terms of exceptional online growth and reachability for your Instagram audience.

How to Buy Instagram Story Views?

If you want to buy Instagram story views, it has never been easier. The process is really easy on our user-friendly website; simply access our user interface and go to the “Buy Instagram Story Views” service page.


Once you're on the relevant page, take your time to figure out which package suits your personalized requirements. We've got plenty of story views packages starting from 1,000 views for $2.95 up to 20,000 views available at a reasonable price of $39.95.


Once you've selected your desired package, click on the 'Buy Now' option and provide your Instagram username. Make sure that your Instagram is set to public, or else you will not see the results you want.


Lastly, you need to enter your payment details to complete your purchase. We have plenty of payment options that you can choose like PayPal, Debit or credit card. After you have paid through your desired payment method, your Instagram story views will be delivered to your account.

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Buy Instagram Story Views ⚡️ Cheap Views on IG Stories

In today’s world, social media is everything. People use their social media accounts 24/7 and reports suggest that more than 60% of the world population has an active presence in the online world. With such a massive user presence, everyone aspires to begin their journey of social media fame through popular platforms, with Instagram being one of the top choices due to its extensive user base and active presence of the youth.

Not every social media platform is the same: some work best if you use a business account, some are amazing for socializing, while others offer exactly what you need, and Instagram takes the top spot in this list. Whether you wish to have a business account or want to be an influencer, Instagram is the perfect platform that you can use to become a sensation in the online world.

Instagram stories are a vital part of your growth and success on this platform since they keep your audience hooked to your profile while attracting new users. Getting more Instagram story views is the dream of all rising influencers, but doing this the traditional way is extremely time-consuming and exhausting. But there’s an easier way as well: using Fameoninsta’s “Buy Instagram story views” service to get a massive inflow of viewers for the stories you post. We’re the leading company online for helping people’s Instagram accounts soar with our services and authentic views. When you make the decision to buy Instagram story views, you’ve made the decision to take your brand to the next level.

Let’s explore what Instagram stories actually are and how they contribute to your growth on this platform.

What Are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram stories are generally a form of content that is visible to the audience for 24 hours and provides them daily insights into your life as an influencer. A simple Instagram story can provide a lot of details to your followers related to your interests, routine, and works like a live update about your life, which not only captures the attention of your audience — but also encourages them to stay tuned to your profile for more updates.

The more Instagram story views you’re going to get, the more people will engage with your content, thus increasing the chances of any of your posts becoming viral. The story feed is presented on top of the Instagram user interface of your followers, which ensures that it won’t go unnoticed, unlike any post that a major proportion of followers can miss.

Additionally, people also buy a product most of the time when their favorite influencer has endorsed it through an Instagram story. So, whether you’re an aspiring Insta influencer, want to run a business account, or just want to engage with your audience, Instagram story views hold the utmost importance regardless of your social media growth goals.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Story Views?

Most rising Insta content creators and influencers wonder why they should buy IG story views when targeting rigorous growth on this platform. Well, buying story views holds significant importance for a lot of reasons, especially when you’re creating content that has a lot of saturation and have to deal with fierce competition.

Here are some detailed reasons why you should buy Instagram story views and how they can add to your digital growth:

1. Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion isn’t just posting content; it involves sharing new stories, reels, and trying out various forms of content to engage and interact with your online audience. While you’re making all the efforts to optimize your Insta game, Instagram story views that are purchased can add to your organic growth so that you don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort in building your online audience.

2. Land in the 'Explore' Page

Each Instagram story view that you get ensures that your content lands up on the ‘Explore’ page, making it visible to a wider audience who could become your potential followers on this platform. Once you’re on the ‘Explore’ page, your followers, story impressions, and overall account reach will boost to a great extent, thus helping you secure and maintain amazing growth on this platform.

3. Attract More Real Users and Followers

Your Instagram story views are a real depiction of how many users are interested in your profile and content, which enables you to get valuable insights and use your social media presence to gain more followers for building a long-term audience. More real users and story views mean that the Instagram algorithm will promote your profile, which can be a great helping hand to your growth on this platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Instagram Story Views?

No. of Story ViewsPriceDelivery Time
1000 Instagram Story Views$2.95Instant Delivery
2500 Instagram Story Views$5.95Instant Delivery
5000 Instagram Story Views$9.95Instant Delivery
10000 Instagram Story Views$19.95Instant Delivery
20000 Instagram Story Views$39.95Instant Delivery

Benefits of Buying Instagram Story Views

While there are countless benefits of purchasing social media marketing services, buying story views on Instagram not only boosts the organic views on your profile — but also ensures that your content reaches the target audience and maximizes your follower count.

Here’s how you can take advantage of our “Buy Instagram story views” service and the long-term benefits it has to offer:

1. Boost the Reach of Your Instagram Stories

The rising competition of various social media platforms, especially Instagram, makes it quite complex to ensure that your stories reach the right target audience. Having more story views ensures that your content lands up on the ‘Explore’ page of your target audience, thus expanding your follower base. Therefore, if you’re targeting the optimal reach of your stories, purchasing views can help you achieve this goal quite easily.

2. Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Buying Instagram story views helps with generating brand awareness for your IG profile and enables you to secure lucrative advertisement campaigns. Instagram also states that around 90% of the users on its platform follow at least one business account, so if you’re planning to have a presence on this platform as a business page, adding more story views can help you get potential customers for the product or service you’re selling on social media.

3. Enhance the Credibility of Your Instagram Account

Having more Instagram story views also enhances the credibility of your IG account and allows more people to trust whatever you post on your profile. This helps with convincing brands to sign you up for promotional campaigns which add to your monthly revenue from social media.

So, if you want people to trust you and your content so that they remain engaged with you on social media, add more story views to your Insta account and let the magic happen.

4. Be the Influencer of Your Dreams by Leveraging More Views

Your audience on social media is the most valuable asset that remains on your side and gives you the fame you’ve always dreamed of. Influencers who have a strong social media presence engage with their followers on a regular basis, organize giveaways, and add some value to the lives of their audience. Similarly, doing this gives them the optimal number of views and also ensures free word-of-mouth marketing, which enables them to grow their following even more.

When you add more Instagram story views to your profile, people will be encouraged to engage with your content, and on top of that, if you’re adding some value to their lives, you’re definitely going to be a great influencer in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

While most users looking to buy Instagram story views have certain queries in their minds regarding this service, it is important to get the answers to those queries to ensure all user expectations are met precisely. Here what you need to know when purchasing IG story views:

Just like other social media services, purchasing views for your Instagram stories is 100% legal, provided that you do not violate Instagram’s terms. With Fameoninsta, you don’t have to worry about the legality aspect when buying story viewers for your IG account.

Fameoninsta ensures that you get your desired story views within a short period. Ideally, it depends on the number of views you’ve purchased, but the estimated delivery time for all pending orders is a few hours after payment. Most of the time, you’ll get your purchased views instantly.

Yes, purchasing Instagram story views is completely safe with Fameoninsta.com. Our purchase and payment processes are encrypted to ensure that your hard-earned money is invested in the right place and actually makes a considerable difference to your Instagram growth.

Yes, absolutely! Whether you look at Instagram business accounts or have an influencer profile, Instagram story views hold great importance if you’re aiming to enhance the reachability and awareness of your content.

There are multiple aspects that Instagram takes under consideration when ranking story views, such as the quality and authenticity of your viewers. So, if you’re aiming to maximize your story viewership, it’s best to purchase only high-quality and authentic views so that they yield your desired results.

No! There is no need to share your account credentials with anyone when adding more Instagram users to your profile. All you need to do is add your Instagram username to the package you wish to purchase and we’ll add your desired number of story views within a short time span.

Yes, you need to have a public profile before you proceed with the purchase. In addition to this, make sure you provide your username, and specify the number of views you need as-well. Fameoninsta.com will take care of the rest.

Adding more authentic views to your Instagram profile not only enables you to gain popularity within your content niche – but also ensures that your stories reach the right audience at the right time. Therefore, if you wish to gain immense popularity within a short time, you could buy Instagram story views to increase the chances of this actually happening.

Buying video views enables you to add more viewership to your video content whereas story viewers add more viewership to your Instagram stories. With high-quality views, the sky’s the limit to your success on the Instagram platform.

Yes, almost all influencers, marketers, and brands buy IG story views to stay in the limelight on this platform. Purchasing story views not only enhances the visibility of your Instagram profile – but also makes it easier to reach the target audience within a short period.

Yes, definitely! All Instagram story views that you buy through our platform will be permanent as they come through real and genuine users on this platform. However, you need to be careful when buying followers or views that come through fake accounts, as this can lead to you violating the terms and conditions of Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Having more Instagram followers and story views is the dream of all aspiring social media influencers who wish to reach their target audience and add the maximum number of people to gain more popularity on this platform. As you go about adding real viewers to your account for a minimal price — our services provide you with a great opportunity to build brand awareness and outshine other influencers within your content niche.

So, it’s time to forgo slow growth and a limited number of Instagram story views, as our service is here to help you become the Insta sensation you’ve always dreamed of being. Use more story views for your social media marketing campaign or get more customers for your business only with Fameoninsta — We’re here to help you be the Instagram influencer of your dreams!

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