Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can’t find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

We automatically deliver you genuine and real likes on every photo and story or video you post on Instagram. You will get free views for your video, immediately after sign up and get the right plan.

As soon as you upload a photo or video on Instagram, you will get Likes immediately.

Sign up at Fame on Insta, choose the right plan or package and complete your registration process. The campaign will be started immediately.

It depends on your choice; you can cancel the activated campaign by simply making a contact to us. We stop plan immediately after getting your approval.

Fame on Insta is 100% secure and reliable. We never ask any password or payment details from you. Your username is fully safe with us. Your subscription will get activated immediately after choosing the right plan. Client satisfaction is always on top of priority and we leave no stone unturned in providing you complete solutions in safe and secure way.

It is far easier and fully secure to cancel your subscription immediately and in automatic way.

It is safe and reliable, depending on the company you purchase, as this will determine its seriousness. We recommend researching and verifying with previous users of the service that was optimally provided before purchasing it yourself.

Instagram updates do not influence the number of views that you can obtain; rather, they are always created to solve old problems and reach more users on the internet.

Absolutely yes, the more views your profile has, the more users will contact you and create potential buyers. These will be able to acquire the service, and why not publicize it through recommendations in their profiles.

No, this type of data is personal. Therefore you will never be asked to provide your password. If this happens to you, first check the reason for the request since it is not something that happens normally.

If advertising agencies are in charge of this and are created under the legal frameworks of their country of origin, you have every right to report them to the appropriate legal entity in the event of a scam.

The payment currency accepted by the FameOninsta company is the dollar. Therefore the means of payment are those that handle this currency. for example, PayPal, Credit, or debit cards that are associated with the PayPal account.

The good news is that Instagram does not ban brands from buying followers. But the bad news is that Instagram will surely get to know about it. And will keep an eye on your profile. How do they get to know? Because of the noticeable gap between the number of followers and likes under your post.

Yes, it is somewhat safe to buy Instagram followers from a reliable source. They have a lot of expertise in their field and can bring you real and active users. And help your Instagram profile get the needed head start. Invest in the best to get results.

Getting a considerable number of followers instantly without actually making some content waves looks fishy. Add minimum amounts of followers from time to time. Because if your actual followers get to know about your follower’s agenda, they might lose faith in you.

Yes, it is a pretty common practice to buy followers to boost your social media prevalence. No matter, how big and attractive a profile looks. They all require a head start to get them going. And to make it big!

If you have tried everything to attract the right audience. But if you still feel like you are really missing out on something. Then you can go into buying some Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers will not be of help if your page has a poor content. The extra followers should act like a bonus and nothing else.

No, it is not illegal to buy followers on Instagram in technical terms. However, if you go through Instagram’s terms and conditions. You will get to know that buying fake followers is against them. So, play safe or go home!

One of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to attract the target audience to your profile is through hashtags. Hashtags help your profile pop-up when some fellow Instagrammer searches the tagged keywords. However, it is totally based on luck. And you have to be pretty skilled to actually get on top.

Yes and no! Real followers will disappear or decrease in time if you don’t post creative and engaging content. And draw their attention. If you are able to get the hang of posting unique and helpful content. Then you are good to go for eternity. Also, new followers keep interacting with your profile. So, you can ultimately maintain the count.

You can sit back patiently and watch your profile go from not so famous to famous super-fast. The followers will start growing and increase their stronghold. You can see the magic happen in no time. But only if you go for the right expert help from a reliable resource.

Absolutely not! But you can surely have issues related to verifying your account. You might have to bear the risk of getting suspend if the fake follower difference is highly noticeable. So, opt for the expert if you decide on increasing your follower count just right!

We believe in offering our customers the most comforting experience. And for that reason, we have curated “Free Trial” and “Cancel Any Time” options for you. However, we will not able to refund your money.

In order to reach a wide range of authentic audiences, we need to analyze the Instagram profile. And you are obviously investing in followers to grow your stronghold on social media. So, it is practically feasible to make your profile public for such a purchase.

Having a good number of followers also attaches authenticity to your Instagram profile. Although having engaging content is key, but the follower count does make your followers stay a bit longer. This psychological trick proves that a good number of followers do influence perception and drives organic engagement.

The followers you buy will increase your following count. This will help you reach your target audience sooner. A good number of followers will make your profile look more authentic. And make them stop by to read your content and engage with your profile in the future. And, make way for word of mouth advertisement.

Buying Instagram likes from a reliable source does not cost much. The cost of likes ranges from $1 to almost $200 on average. The price you pay will also depend upon the number of likes you want. Different packages have different prices. There is a package that will fit everyone’s pocket.

Buying Instagram likes might or might not get you in trouble. And it is not exactly illegal. It all depends on how your Instagram profile is maintained at the end of the day. If your account is in the hands of expert individuals, then you won’t have to worry. It’s their job and they are exceptionally good at it.

Yes, you can absolutely buy Instagram likes. And make your profile reach new heights. You can get likes from authentic Instagrammers that are highly active. And use these likes to set a base to attract new likes and engaging followers.

Buying Instagram likes from a genuine website makes a reasonable choice for the following reasons:

• Instant likes make your content look engaging
• More Instagrammers will hit your profile than the usual
• Reach the top of the explore section in less time
• Maintain your current followers count in general
• Reduce the gap between followers count and likes on profile

We are equipped with an exceptional team that is fully invested to deliver you the best possible customer experience. As we do not want to give our customers a chance to have second thoughts about our services ever. However, we will not be able to refund your money.

The right mix of Instagram likes and Instagram hashtags will surely get your content on top of the explore page. If you have got really engaging and unique content but fewer likes and irrelevant hashtags, then your content will not be able to get you results. As it will not look authentic unless you are really lucky.

Yes, it is very safe to buy Instagram likes from a genuine website. Such a website will have a stronghold in the social media market. Their previous customers and reviews will act as a parameter for you to judge them. Don’t get yourself into trouble by reaching out to just any website. Choose wisely.

Yes! Your profile might get banned if Instagram discovers that you bought likes. You need to be wise and find a reliable source to make such an investment. The expert team will play safe and offer you the best services. So, sit back and relax. Your account would not be banned.

You will get the exact amount of likes under your Instagram posts as per the package you opted for. As soon as the payment is processed, your posts will start overflowing with the desired number of likes from real people. Get ready to be on top in no time.

Once you choose from a range of packages on the website, the website will ask for your Instagram username. You will have to fill up your PayPal, debit, or credit card details in the next step. After your payment is processed, you will get notified. Your Instagram account will start overflowing with likes in no time.

You can buy as many likes as you want in a day. As your profile is public, your post can reach unrecognizable boundaries. And you don’t have to be concerned about much if you have engaging content. However, maintain the balance by gaining a reasonable number of followers from time to time.