How To Get A Blue Check On Instagram

A blue check on Instagram is a very desirable feature. Many people wish to see the blue check beside their username. But it is a hard thing to get. Very few people have a blue check on Instagram. And even fewer know how to get the desirable blue check.

Purpose Of The Blue Check

Instagram offers a blue check to chosen people. This check serves as a symbol that your account is officially verified by Instagram. It means that Instagram has checked your account and given it a badge of authenticity. In many ways, you can say that the Instagram account is what it claims to be. It is commonly awarded to famous brands and influencers. The blue check beside your name on Instagram serves as a status symbol. As it is awarded to very few people, they can show it off as being exclusive. Learn how to use Instagram for business here now.

Accounts with a blue check make more money than accounts without the check. The sponsors know that they can trust these accounts with the blue check. It also shows them that this account has a large reach, that is why investing in them is a good strategy.

Earlier Instagram reserved blue checks for only high profile people. Only celebrities, brands, and popular public figures were able to get them. But recently Instagram changed its strategy. Now it awards blue checks to a higher number of people from all walks of life. Now anyone can request Instagram for a blue check.

Requirements For The Blue Check

The blue check would not be so desirable if anyone could get it easily. Instagram has some terms and conditions that everyone has to fulfill before requesting the blue check. It requires you to:

  • Be authentic
  • Be unique
  • Be notable and newsworthy

Be Authentic

The first thing you need to do to get the blue check is prove that you are who you say you are. You will need to meet this requirement, whether you’re a brand, an individual, or a company.

You’ll need to provide legitimate evidence to Instagram to prove that you’re real. Before you can get the blue check, Instagram will need to verify your government photo ID (GPS) or your business documents.

Be Unique

Instagram allows only one account to be verified per person or business.

The only exception is when one business runs multiple accounts for language purposes. Instagram does not verify any general-interest account. Any fan account, meme account, or feature account will not be verified. These accounts are not eligible for getting the blue check.

Be Notable and Newsworthy

You may fulfill the above two criteria, and Instagram could still not give your account a blue check for being verified. Instagram wants an account to be notable and highly searched. Blue checks are given only to a well-known brand, person, or business. You can also buy Instagram story views to gain your followers naturally and gradually and help your account famous on an Instagram.

Being notable and newsworthy is not directly related to having a lot of followers. Instagram does not specify any particular number of followers that you must have before applying for the blue check. Many Instagram accounts have millions of followers but still do not have a blue check. While some Instagram accounts with a blue check have only some thousands of followers. So keep in mind that just a vast following will not get you the blue check.

Steps For Applying For The Blue Check

You can apply for the blue check on Instagram by following some simple steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Log in
  • Request verification
  • Confirm your identity

Log In

First of all, you need to log into the account for which you want the blue check. You can log in through any device. Make sure that you are logged into the right account, as one person, brand, or business can not request the blue check for multiple accounts.

Request Verification

Go to the menu icon on your Instagram profile. It is present in the top right corner of the account. From the menu, choose the settings option. Under the settings option, tap on the account option. You will see another menu pop up. Look for the request verification option and tap on it.

Confirm Your Identity

When you finally land on the request verification page, you will see that it asks you for some information. This information is to confirm your identity. So remember to fill it correctly.

The first information that you will be asked, is to provide your full name. You should provide the full legal name that is present on your ID issued by the government. Then you should fill the “known as” section. Here you should provide the name that you use for general purpose. For example, if you have a nickname or a stage name, fill that in. If you are requesting verification for a brand or a company, fill in the respective name.

The next section will be to provide the category. There are many categories provided by Instagram. Choose the one which you think defines your profile in the best way.

After providing the information, Instagram will ask you for your ID. If you are an individual, you can upload any photo ID issued by the government. You can provide your driver’s license or your passport too. For a business, you can upload a copy of the tax return or utility bill. Make sure that the document is legible.


That was the whole process of requesting verification by Instagram. After filling in all the information you can tap the send button. Instagram will review all this information after you send it in. It will check for uniqueness, authenticity, completeness, and notability of your account. If your account fulfills all the criteria, Instagram will approve it for the blue check. If not, they will deny your request for verification.

This process of verification can take a few days. You will have to be patient to receive the final results. Keep in mind that Instagram never asks for any payment in return for the blue check. If you have received any message asking for payment, it is a fraud. Instagram will notify you about the results through the notifications. If they approve of your application, you will finally get your blue check beside your account name.