More Instagram Followers and Likes Means Increased Revenue for Your Business

Marketing through Instagram is a very crucial step for every business and brand. In recent times social media marketing has proved to be very successful. The worst mistake a brand can do in today’s age is to not build a social media presence. It takes minimum effort to do so but will give you big rewards.

Along with platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites. Instagram has a lot of active followers, most of whom are youth. With a bold presence on Instagram, you can target a big audience. Even small businesses or new businesses can build a large follower base on Instagram. It will help you to grow your business immensely.

It is very necessary to consider Instagram as a marketing platform in today’s time. Like every other platform, Instagram has its own set of rules. Doing certain things will give you a large reach, while other actions will decrease your reach. You should know where and how to spend your time and resources. In this article, we will tell you about the do’s and don’ts of Instagram

The Five Do’s Of Instagram

  1. Maintain a consistent presence

There are a lot of brands and businesses on Instagram. To grow on the platform, you will have to face a lot of competition. A great way to do that is to post consistently. If you will be absent from the platform, people will forget you easily. It will work best in your favor to post daily. But that is not possible for everyone. Maybe you are too busy, or you do not have any content to post daily. In that case, post at least once every two days. It will build a consistent brand image in the mind of your followers. You can also increase your revenue with more likes and followers to your business.

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule

First of all, what does the 80/20 rule mean? It means you should post a combination of general lifestyle posts and posts that are trying to sell your products. If you constantly keep promoting your products, your followers will feel like they are subscribed to an advertisement account. It can get mundane, and you will lose the interest of the followers. 80% of your content should focus on engaging the followers. The remaining 20% of posts can be for promoting your product or service. While posting engaging content, try to keep it consistent with your brand image.

  1. Make use of hashtags

This one might be the easiest trick to reach the most number of people on Instagram. With the correct use of hashtags, you can land on the trending page. Using hashtags makes your post discoverable. It means that your post will not get buried in the sea of content. Whenever a user searches a hashtag that you used, your post has high chances of showing up. Keep your hashtags short and relevant. You can use a hashtag that is already popular, or you can choose to come up with your own.

  1. Develop your style and follow it

The worst thing you can do to sabotage your Instagram endeavor is to follow a generic style or pattern. It will make you look like everyone else on Instagram, and you will not be able to build a distinct brand image. It is important to find a distinct style of your own. After you figure out the style, be consistent with it. It is better to have a light color palette because lighter images receive more likes than darker ones. Keep your style minimal because that engages more Instagram users.

  1. Engage as much as you can

The key to success on Instagram is to engage as much as possible. Apart from posts, there are other things that you can do on Instagram to grab people’s attention. One way to go is to post regular Instagram stories. You can post Candid photos, quizzes, or polls as stories. Use hashtags in the stories too. Try to reply to every comment on your posts. Use teaser photos to build curiosity about a new product or service. Try to make your followers feel special. This way, they will keep coming back to your posts.

The Four Don’ts Of Instagram

Now that we have taken a good look at activities that will increase your reach on Instagram, it is time to look at activities that can hamper it. Avoid these activities at all costs.

  1. Posting for the sake of it

When you do not have anything interesting to say, it is better to keep away from Instagram. Uninteresting posts become boring, and it can push followers away. Use your creativity to come up with new and interesting content regularly. Do not let anything hamper the quality of your posts. If you feel overworked and tired, take a break from Instagram. Under any circumstances, do not post on Instagram if you do not feel motivated to do it. It will just result in a boring and unengaging post.

  1. Posting too much

Since posting regularly plays an important role in increasing the reach of your account, some people think that posting a lot will give them a lot of rich. But it does not work like that. Posting too much will feel like spam to your followers. They might find it annoying, and they will decide to unfollow you. One post per day is enough. More than that and Instagram algorithm will think that you are trying to spam.

  1. Neglecting analytics

Pay attention to Instagram Analytics. It will give you very informative insights. Notice the patterns and work on them. Neglecting Analytics can lead to a decrease in reach over time. And that is considered a big failure in the world of Instagram marketing. Be flexible and ready to change your posting habits according to the pattern you find through Analytics.

  1. Ignoring negative feedback

Do not ignore any negative feedback that you receive on your posts. There is a lot of bullying and trolling happening on Instagram, nudges why we naturally tend to ignore all the negativity that we come across. But some of the negative feedback that you receive might be a valid criticism. Try to address the problem and find room for improvement. Engaging in conversation with the person who gave negative feedback can prove to be useful. It might give you some valuable insights.