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More Instagram Followers and Likes Means Increased Revenue for Your Business

No 21st-century business can survive without the right tools and techniques. So, it is necessary to recognize the importance of each one of them.

One social platform that is always in limelight for its excellent marketing technological know-how is Instagram. The promotional tools and techniques offered by this app are designed by the most expert professionals and are the major reason that average people have become influencers and as big brand names as a real celebrity even.

Many businesses also have their accounts or blogs to get in touch with a million app users through the right use of all the available Instagram features. But their social presence will not benefit if they do not have a genuine number of likes and followers.

Why is it really important to have more Instagram likes and followers?

More Instagram likes and followers is a clear indication that your business is using their social activities on Instagram the right way and reaching more audiences. And eventually, your follower and like count will increase. This will ultimately result in more revenue for your business. How? We will tell you in a bit.

Engaging content is key. Instagram users fancy engaging content more than anything and are ever ready to interact with such accounts, even if they are business accounts. But they can do that easily through the Explore window. So, you don’t have to worry about likes at least. If you are lucky!

But what about followers? Well, the audience will reach your business account through one of your promotional posts, reel, video, etc. What they would not miss noticing is the likes under that post, and once they click to view your account, the followers count and likes under other posts.

More likes usually make your content look people appealing and creates a perception in the minds of the audience that the post is engaging and worth interacting with. This also urges them to check out the account or blog if they have got something more worthwhile.

Once likes have done their job, it is time for the followers. A large number of followers will draw the attention of the audience and attach a positive brand image in the minds of the visitor.

Will he give you another follow? Will he place an order? Will he choose to interact with your past, present, and future posts?

All these questions usually haunt business owners who put their valuable time, effort, and money to make their product reach their target audience.

It is this worry that has led businesses to not lose any signal event to reach their target audience. And with all age groups so participative on Instagram, it is the place to be to build their brand and grow business.

And reaching an accurate audience will do more benefit than just incurring costs.

Why is Instagram such an important promotional tool for your business? 

The new-age audience is smarter and is more specific when it comes to their needs and wants. Because they are well aware that they have a vital number of options, even customizable ones. So, reaching the target audience before others isn’t an opportunity to miss.

The Instagram algorithm can be used for your benefit to reach your target audience first. And the best way to do that is by maintaining the current and focusing on building to future likes and followers count besides products and post content.

Using the appropriate marketing tools and techniques will only make your business. And the promotional ease offered by Instagram helps to do this job the best.

Businesses are growing strong and building a positive brand image day by day by using this amazing promotional tool in their favor.

How to get more likes and followers?

You can get more likes and followers on Instagram by doing the following:

  • Maintain a genuine Instagram like and follow count and use it as bait for new Instagram followers
  • Posting engaging and intriguing content quite regularly
  • Using quality and knowledgeable content that is not accessible easily and is also unique to your account.
  • Doing giveaways to draw attention
  • Reposting content from other creators and asking them to do for you
  • Posting Positive Customer Reviews and Experience to build a positive brand image
  • Using Instagram hashtags to rank high in the Explore and Shop section
  • Regular interaction with your current and new audience
  • Buying Instagram followers if everything you have tried is not enough

How is business revenue related to like and follower count?

More likes and followers tend to play with the profile visitor’s psychological mind frame. This results in building a positive perception of the brand.

A genuine number of likes and followers also validates the brand’s social presence and showcases how eager the business is to build a good relationship with its target audience.

All this plays a major role in indirectly convincing them that the product they are being offered will be the solution to their problem. In the end, your sales increase and which also increases your business revenue.

So, overall this makes your time, effort, and money worthwhile as you get rewarded with increased revenue which is set to multiply if you continue using Instagram features right.

How does buying Instagram likes and followers help?

Once you recognize the importance of adequate like and follower count on Instagram, you are set to increase them. You are going to use all the knowledge you can get to promote your brand, build a positive brand image, and invest in great graphic designers to create attractive post content. Maybe more.

All this investment can ultimately increase the cost of production to the next level if not managed properly. And if your business is lucky, you might make it with just a little effort only.

But what if all this is not working for you? Your business journey should not stop, right? And this is exactly where buying Instagram likes and followers can help.

The ultimate savior when nothing else is working.

Five Do’s and Four Don’ts for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Marketing through Instagram is a very crucial step for every business and brand. In recent times social media marketing has proved to be very successful. The worst mistake a brand can do in today’s age is to not build a social media presence. It takes minimum effort to do so but will give you big rewards.

Along with platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites. Instagram has a lot of active followers, most of whom are youth. With a bold presence on Instagram, you can target a big audience. Even small businesses or new businesses can build a large follower base on Instagram. It will help you to grow your business immensely.

It is very necessary to consider Instagram as a marketing platform in today’s time. Like every other platform, Instagram has its own set of rules. Doing certain things will give you a large reach, while other actions will decrease your reach. You should know where and how to spend your time and resources. In this article, we will tell you about the do’s and don’ts of Instagram

The Five Do’s Of Instagram

  1. Maintain a consistent presence

There are a lot of brands and businesses on Instagram. To grow on the platform, you will have to face a lot of competition. A great way to do that is to post consistently. If you will be absent from the platform, people will forget you easily. It will work best in your favor to post daily. But that is not possible for everyone. Maybe you are too busy, or you do not have any content to post daily. In that case, post at least once every two days. It will build a consistent brand image in the mind of your followers.

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule

First of all, what does the 80/20 rule mean? It means you should post a combination of general lifestyle posts and posts that are trying to sell your products. If you constantly keep promoting your products, your followers will feel like they are subscribed to an advertisement account. It can get mundane, and you will lose the interest of the followers. 80% of your content should focus on engaging the followers. The remaining 20% of posts can be for promoting your product or service. While posting engaging content, try to keep it consistent with your brand image.

  1. Make use of hashtags

This one might be the easiest trick to reach the most number of people on Instagram. With the correct use of hashtags, you can land on the trending page. Using hashtags makes your post discoverable. It means that your post will not get buried in the sea of content. Whenever a user searches a hashtag that you used, your post has high chances of showing up. Keep your hashtags short and relevant. You can use a hashtag that is already popular, or you can choose to come up with your own.

  1. Develop your style and follow it

The worst thing you can do to sabotage your Instagram endeavor is to follow a generic style or pattern. It will make you look like everyone else on Instagram, and you will not be able to build a distinct brand image. It is important to find a distinct style of your own. After you figure out the style, be consistent with it. It is better to have a light color palette because lighter images receive more likes than darker ones. Keep your style minimal because that engages more Instagram users.

  1. Engage as much as you can

The key to success on Instagram is to engage as much as possible. Apart from posts, there are other things that you can do on Instagram to grab people’s attention. One way to go is to post regular stories. You can post Candid photos, quizzes, or polls as stories. Use hashtags in the stories too. Try to reply to every comment on your posts. Use teaser photos to build curiosity about a new product or service. Try to make your followers feel special. This way, they will keep coming back to your posts.

The Four Don’ts Of Instagram

Now that we have taken a good look at activities that will increase your reach on Instagram, it is time to look at activities that can hamper it. Avoid these activities at all costs.

  1. Posting for the sake of it

When you do not have anything interesting to say, it is better to keep away from Instagram. Uninteresting posts become boring, and it can push followers away. Use your creativity to come up with new and interesting content regularly. Do not let anything hamper the quality of your posts. If you feel overworked and tired, take a break from Instagram. Under any circumstances, do not post on Instagram if you do not feel motivated to do it. It will just result in a boring and unengaging post.

  1. Posting too much

Since posting regularly plays an important role in increasing the reach of your account, some people think that posting a lot will give them a lot of rich. But it does not work like that. Posting too much will feel like spam to your followers. They might find it annoying, and they will decide to unfollow you. One post per day is enough. More than that and Instagram algorithm will think that you are trying to spam.

  1. Neglecting analytics

Pay attention to Instagram Analytics. It will give you very informative insights. Notice the patterns and work on them. Neglecting Analytics can lead to a decrease in reach over time. And that is considered a big failure in the world of Instagram marketing. Be flexible and ready to change your posting habits according to the pattern you find through Analytics.

  1. Ignoring negative feedback

Do not ignore any negative feedback that you receive on your posts. There is a lot of bullying and trolling happening on Instagram, nudges why we naturally tend to ignore all the negativity that we come across. But some of the negative feedback that you receive might be a valid criticism. Try to address the problem and find room for improvement. Engaging in conversation with the person who gave negative feedback can prove to be useful. It might give you some valuable insights.

How Do Automatic Instagram Likes Work? What Is the Difference Between Likes and Automatic Likes?

If there is one best way to grow your business or blog, then it is through Instagram. But how?

Instagram is one such social media platform that is always causing a storm in the virtual world. Whether it is through its super engaging audience or super engaging content.

Instagram is surely the place to be if you have got the talent to make it to the top. For business owners, the audience wants to see how passionate you are to sell your product and also maintain a healthy relationship with them in the longer run.

The story just does not end here. Because reaching the target audience or at least the interested audience is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You have got to reach the audience in time and grasp their attention to build the business.

Why do you need to be patient with Instagram fame?

Gaining an audience on Instagram is hard but not impossible. It might seem like it sure is impossible if you don’t know the art of building the right strategy. And that is fine too. Because a lot of people take their own time to become skilled at the same stuff.

The right strategies and techniques can help use the Instagram algorithm in your favor. And once you know how to do that, nobody can stop your account from being successful and gaining an inescapable response on Instagram that might get annoying later. But hey, what bliss!

Why should gaining likes on Instagram be your first priority?

Instagram users or in other words your prospective clients or followers usually get a chance to interact with your posts through Explore, Shop, My Story, Repost, Share, etc. These features mainly highlight the post content, likes on the post, comments on the post, and a sharing option.

So, this basically means that future interaction is going to be based on the number of likes first, then comments, then username, and then profile and follower count.

This certainly indicates that gaining a genuine number of likes is very important.

Even if your content is great, but is not lucky with likes, it would not be able to attract the user. As most Instagram users find a genuine number of likes, then followers a considerable factor to base their interaction on.

Take likes as a factor that your future consistent interaction is highly dependent on.

Why to buy Instagram likes?

In case, posting unique and engaging content is not doing the magic for you, then you should go for buying likes and followers. Because this purchase can fill up the gap for you at the right time, and help your post look genuine and worthy of interaction.

A sufficient number of likes does help highlight your post, and eventually, direct the audience towards your page. And also, less costly and time-consuming if you compare it to the time you spend to create engaging content on a regular basis.

What is automatic Instagram likes?

Automatic Instagram likes is basically an instant way of getting likes. These are the likes that you gain on your post as soon as you post some engaging content in the feed.

The right combination of hashtags with up to the mark content is to blame for this social calamity. But you are smart if you understand that if it happened with a post, does not mean it will happen with every post.

How is gaining automatic likes different than regular likes?

Regular likes refer to the natural likes you gain due to the right combination of tools and content within your post. And reaching a reasonable number of likes can take a small and large amount of time highly dependent on Instagram algorithm and chance.

On the other hand, automatic likes act as a catalyst and play with the Instagram algorithm in your favor. You gain instant likes on your post just like any other celebrity account would, and thus get a chance to display higher and more often in the explore section.

Is there a way to get automatic likes on Instagram?

If you are already an influencer and know all the necessary tips and tricks to grow your account, then you can surely gain Instagram likes in no time, and almost automatically.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have Lady Luck in their favor, but buying likes from us can certainly help you get the automatic likes you deserve.

Why you should prefer buying automatic likes?

Instagram is always trending with engaging content daily. And to make a place for your blog amongst the ever-increasing competition necessitates the need for an instant solution. And buying automatic likes will make a great option in this scenario.

Buying automatic likes is going to help each and every post get instant likes depending upon the package you select. This is a great way to get fame for your effort within a short frame of time as compared to the long natural process.

Do buying automatic likes incur a separate charge from the seller?

Absolutely not! Getting automatic likes is part of the package and the advantage you get for purchasing likes from the seller. The likes should show up as soon as you post some content on your account.

Is it safe to buy automatic likes for Instagram?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy automatic likes for your Instagram account’s posts. As anybody can find a way to your content through the explore section. However, it is important to note that the automatic likes you are expecting should come from real people and not fake ones. Because both audience and Instagram will get a chance to make out you bought them.

All this shows that automatic likes can make your Instagram posts trend in no time, and also direct a lot of audience towards your profile. And help grow your business.

Fameoninsta can definitely help you get real and automatic followers anytime and anywhere. And within a suitable budget.

So, it is time you invest in automatic followers on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram can help small and new businesses. It is a great way of marketing a product or service. Instagram has a lot of active users around the world. Most of the big brands use this platform as a way of marketing.

Already established brands get a lot of engagement from Instagram users. Establishing a new brand on Instagram can be quite tricky. But if you can make it through the competition, it will be of great help to your business. You do not need to worry even If you are new to this game.

With the right set of strategies, you can achieve a big audience on Instagram. It will make your business thrive. In this article, we will tell you how to use Instagram for business in the correct way.

Make an Instagram Business Account

The very first step for any business is to get an Instagram business account. A separate Business account will help you to keep things organized. The Instagram business account comes with a lot of advantages. If you are not using your business account currently, you are missing a lot of great things.

Sign up for a business account at the earliest. The features that Instagram provides for a business account will prove to be very helpful and insightful for you. If you already have a personal account, which to use to promote your business, and you don’t want to lose the content on it, you can convert this existing account into a business account. If you wish to start brand new, then you can go for a brand new Instagram business account.

Advantages Of Instagram Business Profile

An Instagram business account allows you to share more information about yourself in the bio. To have a complete and informative bio, you should include your contact information. Add your email address and phone number where people can reach you if they want. If you have a physical store, go ahead and add the physical address of your business.

When you add your contact information to the Instagram business account, it will create corresponding buttons for them. It will make it very convenient for your users to reach you. Add the category of your business on your profile. It will show up under your name. It tells people about your business at a glance.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics gives you insightful information about your followers. It will tell you about the gender demographics. You can also find out the average age range of your followers.

You can check when your followers engage the most. You can know which are the busiest days of the week. It will also tell you the time window when your followers are the most active. Set a posting schedule according to this information. You can create a content calendar. It will help you to plan the schedule for posting so that it will get high engagement.

Experiment with posting timing and keep an eye on the engagement rate. When you find the sweet spot where you get high engagement, plan your schedule around it. Once you figure out your schedule, adhere to it strongly. Posting regularly at a fixed schedule can boost your ranking on the algorithm too.

Make An Attractive Profile

The profile gives a lot of information about your business. Keep it consistent with your brand voice. Make it unique and attractive so that you can stand out from the crowd. Do not keep your profile incomplete. Fill in All the required information. Keep your username short and true to your brand.


Make your bio interesting. Instagram allows you to include only 150 characters in the bio. Make sure that every character counts. You can choose to include hashtags and emojis in your bio.

Your profile picture on Instagram should be similar to the profile pictures that you use on other social media. It will make you instantly recognizable. Most of the brands choose to put their logo in the profile picture. Make sure that your profile picture is of high quality andit is not blurry.If it has text in it, it should be legible.

Make High-Quality Content

Instagram is centered around images. You have to showcase your product and services through great pictures. You can include behind the scene pictures to make it interesting. Candid pictures make an air of honesty around you and your brand.

It is important to decide on a theme. It will help you to create consistent visuals. Decide a color palette in advance. Keep all these things matching your brand voice.

It is found that some pictures do better on Instagram than others. A light-colored theme captures the user’s attention more than darker themes. Similarly, clean and simple pictures will gain more engagement than cluttered pictures. They are pleasing to the eye, hence people are attracted to such pictures naturally.

Use the in-built photo editor on Instagram. On one hand, it will allow you to try different filters and decide which one looks the most attractive. Another advantage is that it will give a boost to your post on the Instagram algorithm.

Engage With Your Audience

Last but not the least, our advice is to engage with your audience. If you make your followers feel special, they will keep coming back. Like their comments and reply to them. If they have any queries, answer them. Reach back to all the DM’s that you get. You may get orders through DM’s too, so make sure to check it consistently.

Another great way to engage is to post stories. Since stories stay on your profile for just 24 hours, you can diversify the range of content you post with it. You can deviate a little bit from your brand image from time to time. It will create an element of surprise. Post a lot of candids and behind the scenes. You can create polls and quizzes too. Use hashtags on the stories to make them discoverable.

Do not ignore the power of captions. Tell a story through them. Make them full of emotion and personality. You can also ask questions in the captions and tell followers to reply in the comments. It will create a positive spike in the number of comments.

Instagram Automation: The Right Way to Use It

Growing your social media presence is gaining a lot of relevance day by day. And this growing trend necessitates the need to look for a productive yet a time-saving solution.

But you don’t have to look too far to find such a solution at least when it comes to Instagram as Instagram Automation will pave the way in such cases.

But first, let’s understand the true meaning of Instagram automation.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation refers to the practice of managing your account using third-party software specifically made to provide ease of working. The software is designed in a unique way to help carry out activities on behalf of the account owner. All the activities are performed by the software and not by another human. It is a fully computerized process.

Why should you prefer Instagram automation?

Businesses and other bloggers who promote their product or service using this social media platform have a lot of other jobs to do. They cannot be present on media 24/7 and thoroughly check Instagram analytics, follower count, and other stuff. Also, it is important for a business to follow new users daily. And maintain a genuine follow and follower ratio. They also need to analyze which post brought more likes and follows, posting on what time offered the greater likes, and other such stuff. Things like these make managing your profile a tedious task with a lot of detailing process.

Instagram automation software is made for such stuff and can offer a lot more. It is made so that users don’t have to invest their time in all these activities or marketing in general. And to focus on other important stuff like content creation.

It will surely turn out to be worth every penny spent when you compare it to its immense benefits.

How is Instagram automation beneficial?

Instagram automation is a great feature to make your business grow in no time. The natural process of growing a strong fanbase or audience can be difficult. But Instagram surely makes this job look easier because:

  • Time Saver:

Running late on schedule for quite some time now? Instagram automation can save you precious time as it takes responsibility for all tedious and highly scrutinizing tasks and absolutely outshines as compared to time and effort put in by a human.

  • Reach Bigger Audience and Target Audience Faster:

As Instagram automation is performed by high-tech software, it makes sure your post reaches a larger audience by using the right hashtags in combination with a good number of likes and comments and at the right time. It also makes sure that the content gets posted when your current followers are most adequate. All this acts as the recipe for the success of every single post and eventually reach the target audience faster.

  • Gives Better Audience Insight:

Another benefit offered by this technologically advanced tool is that it especially creates content keeping in mind the target audience. Once your profile grabs the eye of the target audience, the deal is done. The automation tool notices their moves over a course of time and gives you a better idea about how to make way for them before your competitors do.

What is the scope of Instagram automation?

Businesses and the average human use the latest technology tools to ease their work every now and then. And Instagram automation is no different.

Thought Instagram automation was only meant for bots and illegal activities. Then, it is probably time to change your perception.

Instagram automation can smartly be used for making the best out of:

  • Gain Likes
  • Manage Followers and Following Ratio
  • Gain Comments
  • Gain Video Views
  • Gain Reel Views
  • Gain New Followers
  • Design Hashtags
  • Manage Direct Messages
  • Gain Story Views
  • Post and Repost Content
  • Analytics and Reporting

Now, that looks like a lot, right? Adequate management of all the above features is key to gaining fame on Instagram. But Instagram automation can do it all and do it absolutely better and faster when compared to humans.

Why you should only prefer safe and secure Instagram automation tools?

Instagram is always looking out for spammers, bots, or any such moves that look fishy. As most sites offering Instagram automation end up using it for incorrect reasons. Forget about what an average person could end up with.

Instagram expects all its users to deal with authentic and real content, whether it’s the creator or the interactor, they want both parties to participate within limits. And calls out on users who they think are trying to play with the Instagram algorithm for all the wrong reasons.

So, it is important to look for experts in the field, to avoid getting stuck in its legalities. Otherwise, we recommend you do all the stuff manually just as you are doing right now.

How can you use Instagram automation the right way?

Although the mention of Instagram automation gets you super skeptical, the benefits of using it the right way surely make up for all its risks. Here are a few ways to help you out:

  • All the Right Hashtags:

Instagram automation software scavenges through millions of hashtags used under similar content posts to help make your search more target centric. This perfect combination of hashtags is arranged in a manner that lets the algorithm highlight your post more often and ultimately reach a bigger audience. The same process might have taken hours and still would not have reaped benefits when chosen to be done manually.

  • Posting Right Content on Right Time:

Do you post engaging content but still cannot get a sufficient number of likes? Well, with the Instagram algorithm your engaging content and perfect timing will work like a match made in heaven. How does it achieve the right timing? By using the analytics, daily reports, and activity status visibility in your favor. Quite impressive!

  • Know What Makes a Difference and Take it Forward:

The Instagram algorithm can efficiently make out which kind or which particular posts are getting the most views, likes, shares, comments, and reposts. It uses this record to help the content creator work only on the best ones and drop off ideas that are different and risky. It can direct the account owner to what needs to be taken forward, and what should be skipped or left behind.

So, did you drop off to read about Instagram automation for all the right reasons? We believe we have surely given you a lot of them.

Go on, and use it right!

Way to go!

Want More Sales? Here’s How You Can Use Instagram To Get More Sales

Don’t sales play a major role in the ultimate success of any business? Well, selling your product to the new age generation also requires a new way to reach them. And there is no place better than Instagram for it.

So, let us set the base first.

Why selling on Instagram makes a wise decision?

Whether you are selling a high-end product or a budget-friendly one, Instagram has an audience for anything and everything. And this wide range of audience makes it possible for a wide range of businesses to fill up the gap between demand and supply pretty effectively.

So, whatever target customer you are looking for, Instagram has got them in abundance and of course on a global scale. Just make sure you meet the standard quality requirements.

Other than that, all you need is an engaging business account that comprises quality products made with the utmost care for the end-user.

How Instagram can solve your problem of sales?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms and is set to leave its mark now that its monthly active users have surpassed the one billion mark. Isn’t that absolutely phenomenal?

What more reasoning do you need?

Instagram is certainly the right place to grow your business, and eventually, grow sales. The ultimate solution when online sales are turning out to be more popular when compared to offline ones.

And that shifts our focus to the main question.

How to use Instagram to get more sales?

Selling on Instagram can be a new thought for existing businesses. Don’t worry! It is never too late. And for all the newly brimming businesses, you are right on time!

So, here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the best use of this marvelous social media platform for your benefit.

  • Create A New Account:

You need to begin with creating a new account on Instagram. This account will speak for your brand. So, dress it up with all brand-related information to get going. For instance, add a brand logo as your profile picture, frame an engaging brand-specific bio, keep your brand name as your username.

(Pro tip: If you are already on another social media platform or planning to join, then use the same brand username everywhere as it leaves a positive brand impact)

  • Post Engaging and Brand Specific Content Daily:

Use unique and knowledgeable content to create intriguing and eye-catchy posts on Instagram. The content should not always depict what you are trying to sell. The content should indicate that you are trying to build a healthy relationship with the audience. And also, show how thankful you are to have them as part of their social media family. You can carry out some exclusive events and create posts mentioning them to draw in more audience. And eventually, grab the attention of some passive buyers.

  • Reach A Larger Audience and Target Audience:

You need your brand to reach out to more people, and also to resonate with the demands of your target audience. You can do so by using the right combination of hashtags. The use of accurate hashtags makes the Instagram algorithm work in your favor. And this will result in more clicks on your profile and give more chances to the target audience to get hands on your product. Isn’t that a fabulous way to boost sales?

  • Actively Engage with your Audience:

Instagram users are active in reality and not just for namesake. They are always enthusiastic to engage with the brand. So why not give them that opportunity and build a brand image that is going to have a super positive impact on sales?

Few appreciated ways to do that is through hosting giveaways, reposting their customer reviews, or posts with their purchase, and go live on Instagram to have brand-specific chat. You can make it a more personalized experience for them by asking questions like which is your favorite product, what do you want us to improve in our product, etc.

Also, reply to their brand related direct messages and comments under posts.

Some brands also mention a survey link in their bio sometimes and give a freebie at the end of it. Why wouldn’t anyone buy your brand once they see you doing all this for them?

  • Analyze the Difference

After carrying out all this, it is important to take note of where you are headed. Is all that time, effort, and money put in really increasing business sales, or is just adding to the costs?

We will be glad if it is working out more than fine for you, and your sales are growing at an unstoppable level. But what about the others?

Don’t be depressed. Because Fameoninsta can help you get there. How? We will tell you in a bit.

Fameoninsta provides services like real and authentic Instagram followers, likes and automatic likes, spread likes. It also offers views on stories, videos, and reels from real and authentic people. You can also purchase auto Instagram story views from here.

Fameoninsta tools work to make your brand presence more prominent on Instagram within no time. What you will get if you choose Fameoninsta:

  • Efficient Instagram automation to maintain your brand activities 24/7 and draw in sales by reaching the target audience
  • Instagram automation makes it possible for an account to post on peak audience time using the right combination of hashtags super-fast to reach the target audience and increase sales
  • Buying likes, followers, and views will act as bait and make way for new prospective customers
  • FameonInsta will also help you analyze your performance over a while to show how far you have come

All the above features are just another add-on you can use to make the boost the sale process. And makes an excellent option for businesses who want to focus on other aspects of their business that need more attention. Because some things are best done manually. But Instagram tools are born winners when it comes to using Instagram in the business’s favor.

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Sometimes we get caught up in a situation where we want to look at someone’s Instagram story, but we do not want them to know. Instagram stories allow you to share images, short videos, or other interactive activities. You can even share other people’s posts in your Instagram stories. Instagram stories have a short life. By default, they are visible for 24 hours. If you want to keep them on your profile for longer, you have to make them as highlights.

Because Instagram stories are short-lived, people use them to post less polished pictures than what is generally on their profile. They can give useful insight into people’s lives. People share candid videos on their Instagram stories too. Other interesting things can include various types of interactive activities. Instagram stories can be quizzes, polls, countdowns, etc.

Instagram notifies the user about who saw their stories and when. Sometimes we may want to see people’s Instagram stories without them knowing. Some ways make this possible. Read on to get to know about how you can view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.

Peek Through The Neighboring Stories

Instagram has an option of swiping between stories. You can use this feature to take a look at your target story without letting the user know. Here is what you have to do. Instagram stories appear on the top of your feed. Find the profile whose Instagram story you want to see. Click on the Instagram story on the right or the left to it. Be careful not to let the story end, or you might end up on the Instagram story of the target profile.

Pause the story in between. You can do it by simply tapping on it once. Now slowly swipe in the direction of the target profile’s Instagram story. Be very careful while doing it. You can see the Instagram story now at a slight angle. It will appear as if you are in the middle of rotating a cube. On one side of the cube, you can see the story that you clicked on. While on the adjacent side, you can see the Instagram story that you wanted to view.

Be very careful not to swipe through the story fully. It will let the person know that you viewed their Instagram story. And all of your efforts will end up being in vain. If you do the above successfully, you will get to see the Instagram story on the profile without letting them know. You will not appear in the viewed list for that particular story. The ring around the Instagram story will be there too. This way, you can be sure that you did not end up on the list of viewers.


This method can give you a quick peek at the story, but it has quite a lot of disadvantages. The first one is quite obvious. You have to be extremely careful while swiping. You must swipe only a little and hold it up like this. Any fault, and you will end up on the list of viewers that will make your efforts useless.

Another major disadvantage is that you can see only the first story on that profile. If the user has uploaded more than one Instagram story, you will not be able to see any of them except the first one. If you want to see all of the Instagram stories, it cannot be done by this method without letting the user know. Any videos will not play too. You will be able to see only the thumbnail.

Also, if you want to take a screenshot of the story for any future use, it is quite hard to do so with the method mentioned above. Any little slip of hands and you will end up in the list of viewers.

The Second Method: Third-Party Apps

You can also use third-party apps to view status without letting people know. There are many such apps and websites available for different platforms. These websites and apps work around the rules and codes of Instagram to make it possible.

If you are on your desktop computer, you can go to Search for the user there whose story you want to view. If the user has a public profile, you can see all of the Instagram stories by that user. You can also download them if you wish to save them for the future. However, if the profile is not public, you will not be able to view the stories by this method.

If you have an iPhone, search for the Story Reposter app on Appstore. Download it and log in. Search for the user in the search bar whose stories you want to view. There you will see the search results in the form of a folder. That folder contains all the Instagram stories of that user. Tap on that folder to view all their Instagram stories. You can view all the images and videos without letting them know about it.

If you have an Android phone, go to the Google App Store and search for the Story Saver App. Download it and log in to your account. You will see a search icon in the upper right corner of the app. Search for the account whose story you wish to see. You will see that the Instagram stories will appear in a feed format. You can view all the uploads by that user on that particular day without them knowing.


This method also allows you to save the user’s Instagram stories for any future purpose. You can also view the videos that are uploaded. It is not possible by the swiping and peeking method. You will also be able to view carousels. However, you will have to be a little more careful while handling third-party apps. Sometimes there can be security risks with these kinds of apps.


This method takes a little more effort than just swiping and peeking. But it is a foolproof way of viewing the stories without letting the user know about it. There are fewer chances of mistakes like swiping through the Instagram story completely.


There are many situations where we need to know about a person without seeming like a stalker. All these methods mentioned above give you a chance of viewing Instagram stories without letting the person know about it. You can choose any one of these that suits your needs.

Top 8 Tips from Top Instagram Influencers

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms in current times. Gaining popularity on a platform as big as Instagram can benefit in many ways. First of all, it can help you to establish yourself as an influencer. Influencers enjoy a lot of fame and money. This status can bring you a lavish lifestyle that everybody wants.

Even if you do not want to become an influencer, being popular on Instagram can be very helpful. You can use your platform to show off your skills such as dance, arts, singing, etc. You can use Instagram to connect with potential clients too. Instagram is useful for small business owners too. Most of the younger generation has an Instagram account. It is an excellent advertising and marketing tool.

With all the benefits that come with being popular on Instagram, it is natural that many people want to have that fame. But there are a lot of content creators, and there is a lot of competition. Everybody cannot have success there. You need to keep up with the current trends and have a good understanding of the algorithm. Given below are the top 8 tips that will help you become famous on Instagram. These tips come directly from the top Instagram influencers. 

  1. Create Quality Content

High-quality content grabs people’s attention. Even if they are scrolling down their feed without much focus on it, a quality image will catch their eyes. Viewers will engage with your content more. They will like, comment, and share. An active engagement from the viewers’ side will help to increase your reach.

Try to make outstanding content. A unique and original content arises curiosity in the viewers. They are more likely to visit your profile and follow you after they see one of your unique posts on their feed. Investing in a nice camera and lighting will help a lot to increase the image quality. Creating quality content will highly increase your chances of success on Instagram.

  1. Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is the key to build a loyal audience. It will develop a personal connection between you and your audience. They will keep coming back for more of your content if they feel enough connection to it. Like the comments under your posts and reply to them.

If you receive positive DMs, be sure to reply to them in a thankful way. these little things will create a strong audience base. The captions of your posts should be engaging too. Write a caption as if you are telling a story to your friends. Use stories to increase engagement. You can also do live videos. Do collaborations and giveaways if possible.

  1. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags make your content more accessible to people. Using the right hashtags will make it reach the right audience. You will get more exposure when people search for that particular hashtag. You should use the already trending hashtags as people know them and search for them more frequently. Keeping an eye on trends will help you a lot in gaining more exposure.

You can use a maximum of thirty hashtags on a post. Keep quality over quantity when using hashtags on your post. If you improve your visibility in this way, it will mean that new people will engage with your content more. You have a higher chance of building an active follower base. 

  1. Put Out Content Regularly

Be active on Instagram. If you post content regularly, you will gain much more engagement than sparse posting. It will gather a higher number of likes and comments. You will see that your audience is growing at a faster rate when you post regularly.

Instagram algorithms favor those accounts who post daily. It will promote your posts more. Posting carousel photos also garner more engagement as people become curious to see what is on the next slide. 

  1. Correct Timing

Timing is an important factor in deciding your reach to the audience on Instagram. It plays a major role in the engagement and visibility of your posts. Find the time when most of your followers are active and post at that time daily. This way you will be visible at the top of their feed. Otherwise, your post could get buried under a sea of other posts.

If possible, get a business profile. It will help you gather some very useful insights about your followers. You can then easily find out the time when your followers are the most active. Adjust your posting schedule according to that.

  1. Tag Other Accounts In Your Posts

This is a great way to gain some attention. There are some shoutout accounts that feature small accounts regularly. They have generally a large number of followers. So, you have a great chance of being get noticed by many.

If you have a brand included in the post, you can tag them too. Even if they do not give you a shoutout, your post will appear when people search for the brand hashtags. It is a win-win for you. 

  1. Do Collaborations

Collaborating with other Instagram accounts will help you grow your presence. It will give nice content to your current audience. And it will also help you to gain the attention of the followers of the other account. You can either do sponsorships or other types of collaborations.

Sponsorships can be costly, but it will grow the number of your followers considerably. So if it is under your budget you should definitely go for it. It will as a lot of value to your social media presence on Instagram.

  1. Stay On Top Of The Trends

Following the trends will keep you relevant on Instagram. You should check Google Trends regularly and shape at least some of your content around that.

Use holidays to your advantage. For example, post relevant stuff around Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Keep an eye on major events like the World Cup and Superbowl.


Building a following on Instagram is not a quick task. You have to be patient and post consistently. Even then only a few people get the recognition that they deserve. A lot of factors work behind someone’s fame and following. This article contained useful tips that influencers swear by. We are sure you will gain a lot of benefits from these tips.

How To Get A Blue Check On Instagram

A blue check on Instagram is a very desirable feature. Many people wish to see the blue check beside their username. But it is a hard thing to get. Very few people have a blue check on Instagram. And even fewer know how to get the desirable blue check.

Purpose Of The Blue Check

Instagram offers a blue check to chosen people. This check serves as a symbol that your account is officially verified by Instagram. It means that Instagram has checked your account and given it a badge of authenticity. In many ways, you can say that the Instagram account is what it claims to be. It is commonly awarded to famous brands and influencers. The blue check beside your name on Instagram serves as a status symbol. As it is awarded to very few people, they can show it off as being exclusive.

Accounts with a blue check make more money than accounts without the check. The sponsors know that they can trust these accounts with the blue check. It also shows them that this account has a large reach, that is why investing in them is a good strategy.

Earlier Instagram reserved blue checks for only high profile people. Only celebrities, brands, and popular public figures were able to get them. But recently Instagram changed its strategy. Now it awards blue checks to a higher number of people from all walks of life. Now anyone can request Instagram for a blue check.

Requirements For The Blue Check

The blue check would not be so desirable if anyone could get it easily. Instagram has some terms and conditions that everyone has to fulfill before requesting the blue check. It requires you to:

  • Be authentic
  • Be unique
  • Be notable and newsworthy

Be Authentic

The first step to being eligible for the blue check is to be authentic. You have to prove that you are exactly who you claim to be. You will have to fulfill this criterion, no matter you are a brand, a person, or a business.

You will have to provide legitimate proof to Instagram to convince them that you are real. Instagram requires your government photo ID or your business documents for verification purposes before providing the blue check.

Be Unique

Instagram allows only one account to be verified per person or business.

The only exception is when one business runs multiple accounts for language purposes. Instagram does not verify any general-interest account. Any fan account, meme account, or feature account will not be verified. These accounts are not eligible for getting the blue check.

Be Notable and Newsworthy

You may fulfill the above two criteria, and Instagram could still not give your account a blue check for being verified. Instagram wants an account to be notable and highly searched. Blue checks are given only to a well-known brand, person, or business.

Being notable and newsworthy is not directly related to having a lot of followers. Instagram does not specify any particular number of followers that you must have before applying for the blue check. Many Instagram accounts have millions of followers but still do not have a blue check. While some Instagram accounts with a blue check have only some thousands of followers. So keep in mind that just a vast following will not get you the blue check.

Steps For Applying For The Blue Check

You can apply for the blue check on Instagram by following some simple steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Log in
  • Request verification
  • Confirm your identity

Log In

First of all, you need to log into the account for which you want the blue check. You can log in through any device. Make sure that you are logged into the right account, as one person, brand, or business can not request the blue check for multiple accounts.

Request Verification

Go to the menu icon on your Instagram profile. It is present in the top right corner of the account. From the menu, choose the settings option. Under the settings option, tap on the account option. You will see another menu pop up. Look for the request verification option and tap on it.

Confirm Your Identity

When you finally land on the request verification page, you will see that it asks you for some information. This information is to confirm your identity. So remember to fill it correctly.

The first information that you will be asked, is to provide your full name. You should provide the full legal name that is present on your ID issued by the government. Then you should fill the “known as” section. Here you should provide the name that you use for general purpose. For example, if you have a nickname or a stage name, fill that in. If you are requesting verification for a brand or a company, fill in the respective name.

The next section will be to provide the category. There are many categories provided by Instagram. Choose the one which you think defines your profile in the best way.

After providing the information, Instagram will ask you for your ID. If you are an individual, you can upload any photo ID issued by the government. You can provide your driver’s license or your passport too. For a business, you can upload a copy of the tax return or utility bill. Make sure that the document is legible.


That was the whole process of requesting verification by Instagram. After filling in all the information you can tap the send button. Instagram will review all this information after you send it in. It will check for uniqueness, authenticity, completeness, and notability of your account. If your account fulfills all the criteria, Instagram will approve it for the blue check. If not, they will deny your request for verification.

This process of verification can take a few days. You will have to be patient to receive the final results. Keep in mind that Instagram never asks for any payment in return for the blue check. If you have received any message asking for payment, it is a fraud. Instagram will notify you about the results through the notifications. If they approve of your application, you will finally get your blue check beside your account name.

Can People See When You Look At Their Instagram?

We all like to surf through Instagram. Most of the current generation owns an Instagram account. They are also active there and like to post frequently. Some people post about their personal life and activity. While others like to post their talents like art, songs, dances, etc. Going through someone’s Instagram account will give you a fair idea about who they are, what are their likes and dislikes, and other things.

There are many reasons why we like to look at someone’s Instagram account and still do not want them to know about it. The first reason is that we do not want to appear like a stalker. Looking at someones’ profile when you have no connection to them can come off as a negative behavior. That is why many people do not want the other person should get to know about it.

Visiting A Profile Secretly

Sometimes we want to collect some background information about a person. In that case, going through their Instagram profile can tell us a lot. For example, you may want to know about your ex, any friend, or a potential date. If they get to know about you visiting their profile, all the intention behind doing a background check becomes ineffective.

These are some of the situations where people want to visit and check someones’ profile without letting them know about it. So the question comes in our mind if Instagram shows people information about who has visited their profile. You will be relieved to know that Instagram does not show any information like that.

Instagram collects data about the profiles. But it is choosy while showing it to their users. If you have a business account you can see how many people have visited your Instagram account. But you do not get to know any private information about those users. Other data that you can get from Instagram analytics is the time when your followers are the most active. But again, you will not get to see personal information about anyone. The data that is shared with you by Instagram is about your followers as a whole.

Do Not Like Or Comment

If you visit someone’s profile and want to keep that information a secret from them, you have to be very careful about it. The privacy policy of Instagram only applies if you are viewing the images shared by the person in their posts. If you interact with the post, they will get to know about it. It includes liking the post or commenting on it.

Every like is recorded by Instagram and shown to the owner of that profile. So even if you unlike the post afterward, the information will still be visible. The person will be able to see that you liked their post. And then they can conclude that you visited their profile. That is why you have to be extra careful while secretly viewing someone’s account. Be aware of what you are doing, and do not end up accidentally liking their posts.

Do not View Stories

If you take a look at the Instagram stories, it will get recorded. Instagram stories maintain a list of the viewers and when they have been viewed. If you look at the Instagram stories, you will end up on that list regardless of your privacy setting. So if you want to look at someone’s Instagram profile secretly, do not view their stories. Viewing Instagram stories can give it away that you have visited their profile.

However, there is a small tip if you want to view a person’s Instagram stories without letting them know. Instagram allows you to swipe between the Instagram stories. You can use this feature to your advantage. To view someone’s Instagram story secretly, follow the steps given below.

Peeking At The Stories Secretly

Go to the top of your feed. You will find a list of Instagram stories posted on that day. The Instagram stories that have not been viewed have a pink and orange-colored ring around them. The Instagram stories that have been viewed do not have any such ring around them. Now search for the profile whose Instagram story you want to see. Do not tap on it, or you will end up in the list of viewers.

Open the story of the profile that is on the immediate left or the immediate right of it. Tap on the story to pause it. Now swipe in the direction of the target story. Remember to swipe only a little and hold it that way. You will be able to take a peek at the Instagram story. The major disadvantage of this method is that you will be able to see only the first story of the user. If there are multiple stories, you can not see all of them in this way.

The same rule applies to the videos too. You can only see the thumbnail and not the full video. However, there are some third-party apps and websites that allow you to view the stories fully without letting people know. You can even download and save Instagram stories with the help of these apps. You should take proper care from your side when using a third-party app or website.

Stay Away From Videos

Now, coming to Instagram videos and their privacy policies. If you view any video posted by the user, they will get to know about it. Instagram keeps a record of the views on a video and shares it with the owner of the profile. The same is true about Instagram reels too.

So stay away from any kind of video if you want to keep your visit a secret. Even boomerangs and other short videos follow the same rule. If you accidentally come across a video posted on the account, be sure to swipe up or down immediately.

Instagram counts it as a view only if you see it for more than three seconds. So if you can swipe up quickly enough, your view will not be counted, and the user will not be able to tell that you visited their profile.


If you visit someone’s profile and see their posts, they will not be able to know that you were there. Do not like or comment on the post, as it is visible to the owner of the account. To remain undetected, stay away from any video or story on the profile.